First, let me start out by giving you a quote from an old saying attributed to Mark Twain.

“Let me say that reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Okay, I don’t really think that anyone actually believed I was dead, but you may have noticed that my blog has been a bit silent for the last several weeks. I could give you several excuses for this, but mainly it is because I decided that I needed to practice what I preach and avoid Information Overload by concentrating on just one thing, which for me has been working at getting my online business back up and running.

It’s still a work in progress, but at least I am starting to feel like I can take a breath and work at some of my other projects.

Anyway, I’ve recently had a few Internet Marketers ask me about selling on eBay, so I thought I would make today’s post about that. Here’s three tips that you can use to help get you started:

Learn how the eBay process works before you start selling there. The first thing you’re going to learn about selling on eBay is that Feedback is king. You have to have it or no one will want to buy from you. Feedback is eBay’s rating system that lets buyers know whether you are a good seller or a bad one. Sellers can also comment on buyers, but eBay makes the process a little one-sided, meaning that sellers can pretty much only say nice things about buyers, so if you can’t say something nice, you should just not say anything (give Feedback) at all. You need feedback though, so buy some things on eBay to learn how the process works before you attempt to start selling anything. Tip: You will need shipping supplies, so buying them from an eBay seller not only gets you some feedback, but it will save you from having to go out and buy it somewhere else.

Sell stuff you already own. Let’s face it, we all have too much stuff. Instead of going out and buying things to sell, most sellers begin the process by simply selling items they already own, but no longer want or need. This not only helps you clear some of your clutter out, but it also gives you an idea of what types of things sell and more importantly what types of things you like to sell since you will want to think about having a niche for your eBay items in the future.

Take advantage of eBay’s free store trials and auctions. EBay is not for everyone. Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing whether it is something you will want to do long term unless you give it a try. The good news is that eBay allows sellers to list a 100 items a month that can be sold through auctions without a fee up front. Auctions are where people bid on the items that you have listed for sale and the highest bidder wins. EBay is also currently letting new members have a free 30 day trial if you open a store. You will still have to pay if you sell an item, but there is no monthly fee for that first month. I suggest doing a month of auctions to see how it all works and then try the store for a month and you can list the items that didn’t sell from the auctions into the store and then add some new items to go with it. I suggest this because it will take you a while to learn the process of how to list an item and those 30 days will go by incredibly fast.

Finally, join an eBay group and start asking questions. EBay sellers love to talk about selling on eBay. They are a wealth of information for new sellers who are just getting started. In the near future, I will be sharing some more insights into eBay (Amazon too!). If you’re still a die-hard Internet Marketer — don’t worry I’ll continue to talk about that here too. I’ll also continue to discuss my challenges and triumphs with Information Overload, so stay tuned and leave your comments for me below!

~ Until next time…

    12 replies to "3 Basic Tips to Help You Start Selling on eBay"

    • Trevor

      Hey George live to have u back budy
      Keep this coming cheers George

      • George Nieves

        Hi Trevor,
        Thank you for the warm welcome back! I’ll keep it coming! Stay tuned!

    • Nancy Alexander


      This was a great post! I used to sell on eBay, and it really is a different world that you need to get used to. Everyone should try it out to see if it works for them.

      Your post is right on! Thanks for sharing it with us!


      • George Nieves

        Hi Nancy,
        Thank you so much for stopping by! You’re absolutely correct! eBay is a totally different selling platform than Amazon. However, one should try to have a presence on both of the major players. If eBay or Amazon shut down tomorrow, would you still have an income coming in? That’s what everyone should be asking themselves!

    • Harold

      I am selling on Amazon now but have items
      that will not sell there. Thank you George
      for the advise as I will be putting items
      on e-bay soon.

      • George Nieves

        Hi Harold,
        That sounds great! I’m glad I provided the eBay reminder for you! Thanks again!

    • Patricia

      Website under construction!

      The Mighty and Awesome Info Overload guy is back!!

      Happy am I that you are catching up on your stuff.

      But glad you are back doing what you were called to do; leading, guiding and directing those who are drowning in overload.


      • George Nieves

        Hi Patricia,
        You’re the best! Thanks!

    • Susan Ferko

      Hi George,
      Thanks for this info! Great for those of us who have not sold on either platform. Looking forward to going back and reading more of your blogs. Talk later, your #1 FB friend……Susan F.

      • George Nieves

        Hi Susan,
        Great to see you here! I’d be honored to have you read more of my posts! Talk soon!

    • Linda

      Great advice George! I sold books and other items we had laying around the house when I started selling years ago. My daughter still sells a lot on eBay on a regular basis. Amazon is typically better for new items but over time you learn which platform is best for different types of goods.

      • George Nieves

        Hi Linda,
        Very true! Each platform has its own personality. Thanks for stopping by!

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