Who is George Nieves?

George Nieves is an entrepreneur and blogger who officially started selling online in 2007. He chose eBay as his chosen platform to break into the online selling scene. He quickly achieved success on eBay & reached the status of Gold Powerseller & Top Rated Seller. Instead of continuing on his successful path, George became fascinated with Information Marketing as a way to increase sales after reaching the status of Powerseller on eBay.

The one thing George quickly realized about IM is that there is a lot of information “out there.” He says that if you don’t have a focused direction to go in & a clear business plan, it’s easy to fall into information overload.

He signed up to tons of email marketing lists. Hi inbox was quickly inundated with an obscene amount of emails. Upon this, confusion & despair set in. He was lost!

Now, with nearly six years of online selling & IM experience, George is the Information Overload King. As someone who has been there – done that, his mission is to help others who are experiencing the same information overload that he once did. He says that if he can conquer it – you can do it also!

George lives in New Jersey, USA, right along the Jersey shore. When he’s not busy wearing his Information Overload crown, George enjoys working on his business & spending time with his wonderful wife and five year old son.

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