The American Dream…we want to find that special someone, have that nice home with the white picket fence, have nice cars, and the high-paying jobs, where you work from 9-5. While that’s great for some people, it really doesn’t appeal to everyone.

There are a small group of people out there called “entrepreneurs” who are what they call, “risk-takers.”   They live outside the box. They don’t like to feel restricted, or be told what to do. That’s fine, but is this mindset and lifestyle for you.

There are those who dream of owning their own business, while others are content to work for others. There are pros and cons to both. If you work for someone else, depending on the employer, you may feel a sense of security. You get a steady paycheck coming in regularly, you know what the task at hand is, and hopefully you’ll make a decent enough income to relieve the burden of paying the bills. This option, by some, can be compared to a true pyramid scheme. You’ll never make more money than your boss. If that’s okay with you, then fine.

The other option is classified as “being your own boss.” While there are many freedoms that come with this, there might be more pressure associated with this option. It’s up to you to come up with a business plan for success. You must come up with the funding to start your business. You must figure out what you’ll be selling, and where you’ll find a constant supply of your product. You must figure out a system to automate and streamline your business, or believe me, you’ll be working harder than you have ever worked in your life for someone else. Any liabilities your company faces, fall on you.

Being your own boss doesn’t necessarily mean that you can work whenever you want. People have this notion that when you’re in business for yourself, it’s a ticket to goof around, and do very little work. In most cases, having your own business eclipses any amount of work you’ve done before. I can guarantee you, that in order for you to run a successful and PROFITABLE business, you’ll be working harder than you’ve ever worked in your life.

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    • Keldyn

      In reply to your post I would like to add a few questions to think about but its so true what you have mentioned about the American Dream but really think its like that in most Western Countries.

      I would like everyone to ask themselves this:

      1. What is stopping me from furthering myself as an entrepreneur?
      2. On a scale on 1-10 how important is it to make change now?
      3. How much money do you want to earn P.A?

      These are some questions i personally ask my business prospects, It defines to me what is stopping them getting anywhere online, the importance or desire to change and how high their financial goals are.

      In summary as yourself one more question:

      4. Where do you stand in society if someone could show you a way to make Money Online and you had Full Support?

      From experience their are three types of people, Those that do not want change, Those that want change but something is stopping them, Those that want change straight away.

      George thanks for your great post and for letting me expand my thoughts on it.

      • George Nieves

        Hi Keldyn,

        Hey thank you my friend. I appreciate you thinking enough of my post to comment on it. You gave some valuable insight there. It’ll have a lot of people thinking, that’s for sure.

        Best regards,

        George Nieves

    • Bill Murney

      Hi George,

      Your post is spot on, as someone who has been self employed since 1969, I can vouch for your comments that you will work harder than when you were in employment – A LOT HARDER but I would never ever go back to working for someone else.

      Nice blog by the way.



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