If you have an online business, you know how hard it can be to get repeat customers. Sometimes it seems like once the customer has purchased from you, then you’re basically “out of sight – out of mind.” That’s why I believe that one of your very best marketing assets is your email marketing list.
We all know that with proper management of an email list you can make a customer yours for life, but eBay’s website limits you to only having the ability to send out newletters to your buyers, or members that sign-up, and Amazon frowns on marketing to their members altogether.
Whatever is an online entrepreneur to do?
Well, that’s where having an email sign-up box on your blog or website comes in. When done properly, it can help keep a steady stream of revenue coming in for your business, but first there are some things you need to know.
Place your email sign-up box near the top of your website. Studies have shown that they tend to do better there than when they are placed in the footer area. For best results, you want to place the sign-up box either as part of your header, or directly below it.
Make a point of letting the customer know exactly what it is that they will receive when they sign up. Over the past several years, people have become a lot more picky about what they will allow to come into their inbox. They need to know that it is a benefit for them to sign up. As an example, you might want to let them know that the customers on your email list receive news about your products and promotions earlier, or that you often include discounts for products in your emails.
Keep the look and feel of your sign-up box in line with the rest of your website. People are sometimes leery of putting their information into a sign-up box, so keep it consistent with the rest of your website. This will put their minds at ease. It also looks more professional than a sign-up box that stands out, but seems to have nothing to do with the rest of the website. Trust me, I wouldn’t put my information into one of those either — would you?
Finally, before you begin building an email marketing list, take some time to understand all the legal aspects to email marketing, and do everything you can to respect your customer’s preferences. This can help to ensure that your customers stay subscribed. A great benefit for both you and them.
Remember, as they say…”The Money is in the List!”
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    6 replies to "It All Begins With The Infamous List"

    • Dan Sumner

      Email lists are essential George. They allow you to stay in constant contact with your current and future customers. Building a list from the start is very important!


      • George Nieves

        Hi Dan,
        Thanks for stopping by! It’s funny how something so simple can also be so important and yet so many people don’t put the time into building their email lists – self-included. I’ve finally learned though, so feel it’s important to spread the word!

    • This is on my “To do list” for 2014.

      • George Nieves

        Hi Paula,
        Thanks for the comment. It’s on my list too. Here’s to both of of meeting those goals in 2014!

    • I. C. Daniel

      Ahoy there George,

      I agree with you, placing the subscribe box in the header is better than anywhere else. The best way to make them subscribe is to offer some secrets and better be good otherwise they will unsubscribe, the look and feel is important, very important, AWeber gives the freedom to customize and you can make tests and stick with one that actually send you more subscribers.

      • George Nieves

        You are so right about the secrets needing to be good. Thanks for stopping by!

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