If you had asked me a few years ago whether I was team eBay or team Amazon, I would have told you that I was strictly team eBay, and that meant — all the way Baby! In fact, until Internet Marketing entered my life, I thought eBay was the only real online game in town. I was loyal to eBay then, and I’m still loyal to them now, but I have to confess, last year I kept hearing the whispers about Amazon and the great sales people were having through their FBA program, and I became intrigued.

As you can imagine, when one is the king of Information Overload, moving off into a new venture can be tricky. My first instinct was to jump back into eBay, and jump right into Amazon FBA simultaneously. After all, as I mentioned in one of my blog posts a couple of weeks ago, the goal here is to provide security for my family, and that means building up multiple streams of income through my online business.

This is something that I want to do very quickly. The end goal is to generate enough online income, so that my wife can quit her job and spend more time at home with our son. Because of this, at times it’s been hard not to just jump into the deep end with both feet first. The one thing I am doing very differently this time around, however, is that I am forcing myself to take things more slowly. I’m continuing to work on my eBay business model, but I’m also preparing to start selling on Amazon very soon.

I’m telling you all of this because I’ve had a few online eBay friends recently comment that they were interested in Amazon, but felt that they needed to stay with eBay because that’s where they got started, and that’s still basically where their loyalty is. I can understand that, but if you’re still on the fence about coming over to the β€œdark side,” (what some eBay sellers like to say about Amazon) here’s what you need to know. EBay and Amazon FBA are somewhat similar, but they are also two entirely different business models. Don’t let one keep you from trying the other.

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    6 replies to "Ebay, Amazon and the Loyalty Factor"

    • I. C. Daniel

      Glad to hear you’re in eBay team, I tried Amazon Affiliate Program, no success. πŸ™

      I keep asking myself why in the world George don’t press the enter button when a new paragraph begins. Why? Its bugs me reading plain text, no space between, no photos. πŸ˜€

      • George Nieves

        Hi I.C.
        It’s not me — I promise! πŸ™ I usually work on my blog posts in Word and then transfer them over. For some reason, even though I space correctly on Word – it doesn’t happen when I paste it into WordPress. I’m working on finding a solution though.

    • Kat Simpson

      Great post, George. Remember, don’t LOVE anything (including a marketplace) that can’t love you back!

      • George Nieves

        Hi Kat,
        Thanks for stopping by. Maybe I should rephrase that to “strongly like.” πŸ˜‰

    • Mi Muba

      It is good to put eggs in several baskets to avoid any kind of risk. This is the golden rule of business. If you are trying both of them it is great sooner or later you will optimize your earning from both of them or may be add some other options to diversify your income sources and stay safe.
      Thanks for sharing your wonderful views on monetizing.

      • George Nieves

        Hi Mi Muba,
        Thanks for your comment! You are so right about diversifying being the golden rule of business. I eventually hope to have four to five steady streams of income coming in from different sources. For now, eBay and Amazon are my favored choices with others to hopefully follow soon.

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