There’s one man I’d like to talk to you about. In this world filled with dishonest people and scam artists, this man shines forth above the rest. His name is Chris Malta.

Chris is a millionaire in his own right. He’s very well respected in the online world. Anything he says, should be taken very seriously. He has made it his mission to fight against the so-called thieves and scam artists ready to prey on unsuspecting individuals. Presently, he is on a tour spanninig throughout the whole country. He calls it his “Scam-Buster Road Trip.” In this trip, he’s literally visiting each state, trying to educate as many people as he can to try to recognize whether an opportunity is legitimate or a scam.

Chris has two tremendous sites that can seriously help you in your business. The first is He has loads of great content on this site that can really help you. One really cool section of his site is his forum. You can sign up for this forum, and instantly you’ll be able to communicate with like-minded entrepreneurs, all looking to become a success. All will be willing to help you in your endeavors, including Chris himself, who often participates in the forum.

His other site is This site has the largest and most respected directory of wholesalers and dropshippers on the web. He has about 8000 suppliers listed on this site, with all kinds of information about them. This site can really set you apart from your competition.

That’s it for now. Till the next time.

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    • Kathy Dobson

      Hi George,
      I was aware of World Wide Brands, but I did not know about his other site. I am going to go over there right now and check out the forum.
      Thanks for the heads up!

    • Kathy Dobson

      Hi George…
      I was aware of his World Wide Brands site but not his other site. I am going to check it out now.
      Thanks for the heads up!

    • Barry Wells

      Hi George, welcome to the masterclass my friend.

      I see that you’ve not long started with your blog, it all looks ok this end George. I have a few posts on my blog that may help you out a bit.

      For example;
      Adding clickbank hop ads to your blog, they’re free and earn you a commission. (i placed mine beneath the google ad’s)

      Creating videos, using free software.

      Pop over and have a look and if you need any help just ask mate.

      Regards, Barry

    • Sue Schlaiffer

      Hi George, thank you for sharing the website and info about Chris Malta. It really can be difficult to recognise the difference between a real wholesale site and a scam site at times, so I am sure this information will help many people to find good items to sell, myself included. Your blog is looking great too so keep up the good work! Good luck, regards Sue.

    • David Gonzalez

      I’m currently a member of worldwide brands site. Its a pretty good place to find wholesalers and drop-shippers and you can be confident that they are a trusted business and not scammers. The only thing is that you are required to be a registered business on your country in order to buy from any one so I suggest that you become a member only if you are really a serious business man (or women). Other wise you will be wasting your time and money as you won’t be able to do business wit any one.

    • George Nieves

      Hello to all,

      Please excuse my delayed reply. I thank you all for commenting on my blog.
      I look forward to chatting with all of you in John’s forum.

      Best regards,

      George Nieves

    • Jen

      Thanks for the tip about Chris. His blog and anti scammer road tour look great, I can’t wait to figure out what he has to offer.

    • Terry Conti

      Hi George, thanks for the useful websites from Chris Malta, very informative info. T.

      Hi Terry, Anytime! Glad to help. Best regards, George

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