If you’re like most online business owners, you are probably a bit of a control freak. I know I am. After all, when you’re the one in charge and making the decisions, it’s kind of like what President Harry S. Truman used to say — “the buck stops here.”
This is all well and good when you’re first getting your business up and running, but as your business grows bigger, there comes a point when you need to get out of your own way, and stop trying to do everything yourself. That’s why I always say…“when in doubt, outsource!”
You see, I can pretty much bet that right now you’re working on something for your business that you really don’t need to be doing yourself. Maybe you’re trying to build your own website, or maybe you’re trying to stay on top of all those different types of online sales tax requirements. Whatever it is, you need to let it go and let someone else do it, because that is the only way that you are ever actually going to get ahead in your business.
Now, I realize that outsourcing can be a hard adjustment to make. I know it was for me. The very idea of letting someone else handle things for you probably has your stomach in a knot. Remember though, you can always start small.
Here’s some outsourcing ideas to get you started:
Amazon and eBay listings. Did you know that there are people you can hire who will create your listings for you, and post them to Amazon and eBay? This means that while you’re out finding new items to sell, someone else can work on listing the items you have already bought. Talk about a time saver!
Highly Repetitive Tasks. Think of the things you do everyday for your business. Now, think about how much time and money you could save if someone else handled those items for you. Well, that’s where a virtual assistant can help. Virtual assistants or “VAs” are individuals who work as independent contractors for businesses. They can handle your bookkeeping, send out invoices, answer emails, and even make phone calls for you. The best part about a virtual assistant is that since they aren’t actually employees, you can use them as much or as little as you need to.
Social Media. We all know that branding is important for a business, and one way to do that is through social media. Unfortunately, social media can also be a huge time suck. Trust me, it’s not the most effective thing you can do with your time, but it does seem to be a necessary evil. That’s why hiring someone to handle your social media posts can be such a time saver. Let them handle about 90-percent of your posts, and then put your own personal touch on it with the other 10-percent. That way, it still gets done, but it frees up your time to work on the more important things for your business, like actually making money!
Finally, consider other ways you can use outsourcing to make your life easier. As an example, when you work from home it is easy to get distracted by knowing there is laundry to be done, floors to be vacuumed, and furniture to be dusted. For around $60 a month (your prices may vary), you could have someone come in to your home and perform these duties for you about twice a month. This will not only let you concentrate on your business more, but it will also let you use your free time for more important things like spending time with your family.
Do you use outsourcing in your business? Leave me a comment below if you do or not, and whether it has helped you in your business or not?
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    10 replies to "Outsourcing: No Man is an Island"

    • Trevor

      George good advice there how much do va cost also how much access do u allow them on your eBay account I like the cleaning house bit that would be good so I could consentat on eBay
      Cheers George

      • George Nieves

        Hi Trevor,
        Thanks for stopping by! The cost of a VA varies according to what services you’re interested in having the VA do for you, and specifically where the VA is located at. There’s a lot of variables involved.
        However, a good VA will pay for themselves in no time at all!

    • Pauline

      Hi George,
      As yet I don’t use outsourcing in any way. But I can see how useful it would be at times.
      I really like the idea of someone doing the housework for me. That would be a blessing indeed.

      Take care

      • George Nieves

        Hi Pauline,
        Thanks for the comment. I found that once you mentally get over that you can’t afford something and actually start outsourcing, you wonder how you ever lived without it. It certainly does make life run smoother!

    • Jan

      Definately a control freak here!
      I do get a helping hand when I am snowed under with the more mundane tasks and it takes a LOT of willpower not to go back and keep checking things are done “my way”.
      Now, cleaning… I need a cleaner…
      Great list of tasks you can outsource 🙂

      • George Nieves

        Hi Jan!
        Looks like I may need to start a cleaning business — that seems to be a favorite type of outsourcing for everyone! 😉

        I know exactly what you mean about needing willpower to not keep checking back to make sure things are done your way. Thankfully, I’m starting to be able to step back and know it’s all going to work out in the end!

    • I. C. Daniel

      But George, laundry, furniture, floors and kind of stuf can be done in those moments when you just need to shut the computer and think to something else, why to pay when you can enjoy the life, this is life, and include laundry, furniture etcetera 😀

      • George Nieves

        Hi I.C.
        I guess I would rather pay for it because it can free up time to do more things with the family besides just working on the household chores. 😉 Still, there is something to be said for being able to look around the house and realize that you’ve just completed something and it’s a job well-done!

    • Rob Brooks

      Hi George,
      Thank you for a wonderful post. I have taken this message to heart. I’m thankful to God that I have been able to earn a good full-time on-line income for 4 years now. But lately I have really disliked the fact that I have been working in my business and not on it.

      Working in my business has prevented me from expanding. Worse yet, it has gotten me out of the frame of mind of being creative and thinking out of the box. So my only step to make changes was to take action. I now have 3 contractors to do on-line work for me in the Philippines and have joined Brett Bartlet’s buying network. None of these moves will change my income very much in the next month. I do believe these outsourcing moves and much more I will be doing will make a huge difference a year and further after that in the future. Thanks again for these important reminders in your post.

      • George Nieves

        Hey Rob,
        It’s great to hear from you! I’ve heard many good things about Brett’s buying network. Good luck with it and keep me posted on how you’re doing!

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